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15/08/2022 - 22/08/2022


Posted 1 month ago
Posted by: OwnerKong



Link to larger banner: HERE


On the 1st July 2022 we are going to announce the requirements for each tier. There are 5 tiers of prizes to be won.

On the 8th July 2022 we are going to announce an account code which will signal Ornate-PS that you have entered the competition.
You must make a new account with the account code at the start of your name.

Example of account code: OP2022 Kong

(Total of 1200M for the tiers)
Addition 300M OSRS GP will be give out during events in the duration of the competition.

First one to unlock all TIER items (drops must be in your name).
Again, tier items/tasks will be announced on the 8th July 2022

● 50$ in-game Bond
● 85M OSRS

● 75$ in-game Bond
● 185m OSRS
● Custom title colour (any hex colour you'd like to have)

• 100$ in-game Bond
• 320m OSRS
• Custom title colour (any hex colour you'd like to have)

• 250$ in-game Bond
• 600m OSRS
• Custom yell shadow colour
• A custom item (you must have the item you wish to customize already)

Best regards,



Posted 3 months ago
Posted by: DeveloperLewt

Dear fellow Ornate-PS members,


It has probably come to your attention now that @Kong and I are the new @Owner's of the server. @Patrick, is still with us he is going to strictly stick to coding and will still remain as our developer. We've also got some absolutely beautiful artwork coming in, which we are astronomically excited about. Shout out to L4ZY for that.

We are going to bring some big and radical changes to this Valinor. As we all know, Valinor is declining in numbers pretty rapidly because of a mistake we made, by turning the economy server into a PVP server. It is in our best interest to save and revive this server to our fullest and best capacity. We will be rebranding it as a completely new rsps, Ornate Ps.

The launch date will, if all things go smoothly, be around the 4th of June (this date is not promised). Valinor got off to an incredibly rocky start and if Kong and I do not put our feet down and act radically, Valinor will be nothing more than dust and rubble within a few months. So that's why, we're working on a big project with HUGE plans for you guys.


Will there be an ECO reset?

To address the fear most people are having, is the economy. I can confirm that yes, there will be a full economy + character files reset, which means everyone will start as a fresh new account. That being said, people who have made donations, achievements, and accolades on Valinor shall not be forgotten. We are near the end of our planning stage of how to reward those on Ornate Ps for the work they have done on Valinor (read below for more information regarding the donation refunds).

We did not want to hide the fact that there was going to be an economy reset, we just didn't want to address it without having a proper plan which would spread ever more fear. We are currently 95% done with our idea for what to do with the economy and I will release full detail with no discretion the minute we reach 100% as we want nothing but maximum transparency with our community.

@Kong , @Spoon , and I will also be hosting regular voice chats with the community to gather your ideas and suggestions on how to facilitate our community's needs as we move onto the new chapter of this rsps.


How will my donator rank effect Ornate-Ps?

The players that have donated with irl money, will get their full donated amount transferred back onto their new Ornate account. The players whom obtained their rank by buying bonds in-game, or by winning giveaways/events, will also get their ranks transferred, but it will receive 50% of their rank . So, as example:

  • Player 1: Donated 2500$ with irl money. This player will get the full $2500 transferred onto their Ornate account.
  • Player 2: Has 2500$ total donated, but didn't spend a penny irl and bought it all with in-game money. This player will get 1250$ transferred onto their Ornate account.
  • Player 3: Has a total of 2500$ donated. Paid 1000$ with irl and 1500$ with in-game money. This player will be refunded with $1000 + $750 = $1750. This player will get $1750 transferred onto their Ornate account.

All you have to do, is make a ticket on discord and post proof of the irl donations.

We're currently working on fixing the leftover bugs that were reported by you guys and more content will be added to the game. The current client, will be closed very soon. This means, a Test client can be expected this or next week. If you want access to the test client, you have to sign-up for Beta Tester rank, which than grants you aces to the BETA HUB category. There, you can report all the bugs and post suggestions that have to be done BEFORE the launch. 



On a side note, I've been working on the forums myself, to fix it up a little bit. If you have suggestions regarding the forums, you may always contact me through forums or discord and I shall see what I can do.


Thanks for reading this announcement, hope to see you all in a new and more exciting adventure!

With nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude,